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Trending in Homecoming 2018

I am honored to serve as a board member with Mums Inc. This collaborative group is a professional organization of mum makers across the state of Texas and even a few outside of the state. With my growing involvement in Mums Inc, studying fashion and decorating trends, listening to what my customers like, and watching the market and buying trends, it’s safe to say there are some definite trends coming for Homecoming 2018

Light it Up! Lights are continuing to be popular in the mum world. They are not going anywhere any time soon. Lights are being placed not only in the flower itself, but also in ribbons and accents. There is everything from bright or warm white, pink, blue, purple colored bulbs, to star shapes and more. Check with your local mum makers to see what might be new in their inventory.

Size of the Mum/Garter: As the saying goes, everything is bigger in Texas! However, size isn’t everything. It is becoming more and more important that the mum/garter be of sound design, reflect the recipient, and be the best it can be for the price point in your budget. It is trending to be tasteful and outstanding rather than ostentatious and gaudy. There are also ways to give the mum oomph without “the baby going without shoes”. Consult with your professional mum makers in your area for suggestions when designing your 2018 creations.

Traditions vary from school to school on the single mum for a freshman, double for a sophomore, triple for a junior and or senior and of course the quad for seniors. They also can vary on what colors can be added at what grade. While I am a strong believer in you being you, if you want to avoid confrontations during homecoming and after, you might be informed and consider the traditions when ordering your design.

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03 de ago. de 2018

This looks AMAZING you have done a fabulous job!!!

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