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Pro vs. Shmo


Choosing a mum designer is an exciting and important task each year. If you are new to the whole concept of homecoming mums in general, it can be very overwhelming. The following tip

s are meant to help guide you through the process and assist you select the right designer for you this Homecoming season.

START LOOKING EARLY! Professional mum designers work almost year-round. Many have a

great following and with repeat customer and word of mouth, they fill up early. Just as an example, I was booked by August 11 last year. Just note, it isn’t too early to contact your mum designer.


The most basic beginning step is to think of people that had mums you admired last year. Ask for the contact of their mum designer. Make sure

and do your own due diligence. Don’t just go off one example from that designer and do not just go from the word of the person that referred them to you. Always check them out for yourself.

Do a Pinterest search for Homecoming Mums and create a board of mums you like. One hint or tip is to make a note about what you liked about that pin. What has happened with many of my clients is

they found that they made several pins of mums that were mine and they made the decision to contact me. Much like searching on Pinterest, check out Instagram and Facebook.


Homecoming mums and garters can be expensive. That doesn’t mean they are not worth the money you spend on one, but the money you spend should be WELL spent.

Choose someone that isn't in it just for the sale. Choose someone that understands everyone's budget is different and will be honest with you on how to get the best bang for your buck.


If at this point you are still unsure and you are looking early enough reach out to a variety

of mum designers and see who you feel comfortable working with and who seems to understand your



One of the most valuable pieces of information you will gain by searching for your mum designer’s presence on the internet is that anyone that has invested the amount of time and or money in doing these steps is more than likely

reputable and vested in what they do. By their presence on the internet you are able to see multiple creations by the designer and if their work even is what you like. You are able to determine if your prospective mum designer follows the same “formula” of design on all of her mums or does she vary her design work. You should be able to tell if in general the mums seem to reflect the recipient. And most of all, based on the photos shown, is it quality work?


Useful and important information can be learned about their businesses and terms of conditions. Be sure and ask questions if they are not posted. Understanding the ordering process is crucial! In my case, almost all of my mum orders start on my website. When a client orders early enough they have the leisure to begin their orders online with basic details. I follow up with a phone consultation to discuss, customize, tweak, and fine tune the order, and then the client makes the payment. You do not have to pay for the order when you first place it online. You can choose to pay “later”. But that order isn’t officially placed until we have payment is made.

This is part of the information included on my website. A reputable mum maker will take the time to post frequently asked questions and answers giving a client peace over placing their order and trusting them to create their dream creation, as well as keeping all the answers at your finger tips.

There are more than likely MANY talented mum makers in your area. I am friends with several. We can't make every mum out there. START NOW, do some research, and choose the best fit for you. In the end, a little research can make for a much happier process and a better dream creation for you.

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