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How it all began...

After years of my daughter begging me to make her a mum I didn't jump in until she was in her second year of college.  (Yes, there is much guilt felt on my part, however last year I made her an Obscenlyicious Mum for the fun of it and it hangs in her classroom where she teaches.) This crazy decision to jump into the mum world came to be because my son's high school sweetheart deserved the best.  I went to one of the local known mum creators and ordered a mum splurging!  I spent more than I could even imagine.  She told me to pick out anything I wanted on it, and I did.  When I picked it up, what I thought was going to be a splurge of $250, ended up being $400.  I had no idea I was adding on to the expense with the things I picked out.  I was committed at that point and paid the bill.  It was BEAUTIFUL and I was happy with it, but it was not $400 worth of expense for this practical girl.


It ate at me all year the amount of money I spent on that mum and the good I could have done with that same money.  After much urging from a friend, I jumped in and gave it a try.  The results are the cover photo.  After seeing the mum, her mom said my work was good enough and asked me to make my son's garter (lol).  And so it began...

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TWHS Madeline and Gabe Highstepper Full

What is This Homecoming Craze...?

For those not from the south or educated in the homecoming craze, mums and garters are usually exchanged with your homecoming dates.  The boy wears a garter that has been created for him and his interests and the girl wears a homecoming mum (generally around her neck) that has been specially created for her.  These creations are a sense of pride, tend to be gaudy (although we prefer beauty), and say much about the girl.  They are usually very expensive and some would say overpriced.  However, since I got into this crazy world, I realized that these things are works of art.  The supplies involved add up and a lot of inventory must be carried to make each and every dream creation.  More importantly, the amount of time and craftsmanship is immense.  I now understand why some mums cost what they do.  Those of us in the mum making industry that are making them on the low end are underpricing ourselves and those on the higher end are being paid what they are worth because they have a following that respects their work and their customers will pay for it.  So, as you wade into the world of the homecoming craze, take a deep breath, look around, make a decision on which route you will go.  Independent mum makers will always give you a better product and more mum/garter for your money.

Who are our clients?

Our clients are from all over the state of Texas.  We created for over 53 schools in 2019.  However, a majority of the greater Houston and surrounding areas.  We are located near the Cy-Fair, Klein, Montgomery, Conroe, Magnolia, Tomball, and Spring school districts. Just a few of the schools we have created for include Cy-fair, Cy Ranch, Cy Woods, Cinco Ranch, George Ranch, Klein Cain, Klein Collins, Klein Oak, Klein Forest, Klein, Conroe, Oak Ridge, Grand Oaks, The Woodlands, College Park, Magnolia, Magnolia West, Montgomery, Tomball and Tomball Memorial, Clear Lake, Clear Falls, Manvel, Pearland, and Dawson.


We also service many private schools such as Northland Christian, Concordia, Houston Christian, Legacy Prep, Lutheran South Academy, Bay Area Christian, and The Woodlands Christian Academy.  We take pride in the fact that 99% of our customers are repeat or referral customers and that they get excited to see what we create for them year after year.  We understand that everyone's budgets are different, but make every effort to create a special creation that will make them proud. 

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