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Options and Details
Assisting You in the Design Process

Over the years of offering online ordering, I have learned from my clients what their concerns and confusions are.  It is for this reason I have put this page together.  I am making every attempt to answer as many questions and ease any fears about online ordering.  The blessing is, nothing is written in stone and changes can be made!

Hours of Operation & Contact Us

We make every effort to take your calls between 9:30 a.m. and 8:00 p.m.

Also, under the Contact Us Page here on our website, you can fill out an inquiry form and we will get back with ASAP.  Or contact us at your convenience by email

or text at 281-723-2986

LSA Ivory Rose Gold and Champagne for Ke


20-minute phone and Facebook consultations can be scheduled throughout the year based on our production schedule.

In-person consultations can only be made from January - June. 

Memoial Freshman Garter Band Leo

Placing your order can happen in a variety of ways, however, they both begin the same way.  Please visit our photo gallery for inspiration making note of the name of the mum that excited you and what you liked about it. This will expedite our consultation in the right direction for your beautiful creation.

1.  Order Online - Place your order line by>>>> and I will follow up with confirmation as soon as possible.

2.  Fill out the Inquiry form previously mentioned on the Contact Us Page and we will be in touch as soon as possible.


NOTE: this is not the most expedited way to place an order as you wi be contacted as quickly as I am able to reach back out to you by phone and those being ordered online are placed in line for production immediately.

How to Order

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When to Order

  • Mums are made in homecoming date order. It is better to order earlier, rather than later.

  • Order at least 14 days before your homecoming date to avoid the $35 late order charge.

  • Shipped orders should be made at least 14 days before your homecoming. All mums and garters are shipped via FedEx Ground on Monday and Tuesday the week of your homecoming. This is typically $50 and one to two days shipping within Texas but is not guaranteed.

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I Want to Order, but Don't Know if there Will Be a Date?

  • I always recommend ordering your mum regardless of date status.  This way you ensure a mumeliciious creation of your dreams and can design it yourself.

  • If there is a date closer to your HoCo date we can always create a matching mum and add names to them.  Just let the date know you ordered early from your mum lady and she is more than happy to add a matching item.  We can discuss the expenses at that time.

Special Note

  • reserve the right to refuse creating anything that doesn't align with my faith and beliefs.

  • I reserve the right to not include items of political nature in my creations.

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